Send Cash Anywhere, Instantly With ACASH


Acash Innovative Features Include:

Secure Transactions

Acash uses high-grade cryptographic encryption to keep your funds and identity safe Securely store and spend cash using Acash digital wallets for PC and Mobile Devices.

Private Transactions

Acash uses advanced technology to automatically hide details of transactions on the blockchain. Only viewers with a matching key can access these details. Additionally merchants and users can create "Shielded Addresses" for Private Transactions.

Community Integration

ACASH's secure and innovative cryptocurrency services will be integrated in various online-games, websites and private user networks.

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Exchange ACH for BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies through our partners.


To Start using Acash, select the appropriate download for your operating system

Acash Ubuntu Linux 64bit

Acash Ubuntu Linux 64bit

Acash Windows 64bit

Download Acash Windows 64bit


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Download the Source

Download Acash Code on Github




Acash was Designed by a Team with experience in CryptoCurrency.

The source code is publicly available and audited by several cryptography experts.

Acash aims to improve the pace of Global Cryptocurrency Adoption.

Our Innovative Solutions in Mobile Payment Systems enable Merchants and Consumers

Trade a variety for goods and services online and in over 120 countries Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments. Not only goods and services, you can even start trading cryptocurrency with the most reliable bitcoin rush trading, which is a classic cryptocurrency trading platform that fully automates trading cryptocurrencies.



Secure, Fast and Private Peer to Peer Transactions.


Acash security features extra layers of security

Acash enables you securely and privately send or receive instant p2p transactions,

conveniently pay for goods and services at various locations worldwide.

All without the need of a third party or trusted central body.

Acash utilizes zkSNARKS, a zero-knowledge proof technology created by Zcash

enabling Acash transactions to be verified without revealing information about the sender, receiver or amount transacted.

Just like Bitcoin, Acash also supports transparent transactions.

acash world map

Decentralised Governance and Development


Acash utilizes a decentralized governance system that empowers the community

build a sustainable financial economy by enabling interested Participants Create or Suggest new features.

The Community needs to approve new features by voting on changes or development of the platform.

The development team operates a generous Community Rewards program to reward our contributors,

community ranks will be based on merit and other activities.

Higher ranks will increase your Voting Points and Community Rewards.

this ensures key decisions and changes are endorsed by active community participants.

Any individual or group can join the team and contribute in development.

To Participate in the Voting, you need to create an account on the Community Forum.

Anyone can suggest a new feature or software.

All developers and stakeholders will be generously rewarded directly from the Acash blockchain.